Caring for our furry family members sometimes costs more than we can afford alone, but rarely more than we can afford together. Fortunately, we were built to provide help for pet by helping families like yours raise money for vet bills.

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Start a Free Campaign → It’s free and easy to create a campaign to tell your pet’s story. You can create a campaign for your own pet or start one for someone else’s.

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Receive Donations → Family, friends, and anyone else can help with your vet bills. Share your pet’s story and progress with others to get help.
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Get Help Paying Your Vet Bill

Pay Your Vet Bill → Use your CoFund My Pet Debit Card to help pay for your vet bills at any veterinary office in the United States.

Thousands of people are crowdfunding vet bills because they know it gives others that care about pets the opportunity to help. We give you a tool to raise money for vet bills by giving your donors assurance that their money can only be used to help your pet


Why Fundraise with CoFund My Pet?

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  1. Your pet deserves it—Don’t skip the care your pet needs

  2. Pet focused—We are built only for veterinary care crowdfunding

  3. Create trust—Your donors know the money is ONLY being used for pet health cost—No scams!

  4. Vet friendly—Can be used at any vet office of your choice anywhere in the U.S.

  5. Save your pet—Avoid having to make a bad decision about your pet’s life

Vets, learn how we can help your pet parents get help for pets

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Dogs may be “man’s best friend,” but in a still-struggling economy with rising veterinary costs, more Americans are choosing to put their ailing pets to sleep rather than pay for expensive treatments.
— Annika McGinnis and Alicia McElhaney, USA TODAY

Some clinics report that 2 out of every 3 pets they put to sleep are because the owner cannot afford to treat an otherwise treatable condition. We are here to help you with crowdfunding vet bills to avoid economic euthanasia for your family pet.



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